Full Day Experiences

The City’s Heartbeat

Find out what Helsinki is all about
  • Begin the day with a traditional market breakfast
  • Explore the city on foot or bike
  • Get to know the traditional Finnish food on local markets
  • Find out why Finns are crazy about coffee
  • Learn how to make amazing Finnish food yourself

Urban Safari

Discover the hidden gems of the city
  • Start the day with a modern breakfast
  • Explore art and culture in the city’s hip neighborhoods
  • Dive into the modern with a Street Food Lunch
  • Get excited with a fun group activity
  • End the day with a mouthwatering fusion food dinner

Wild Finland

Experience the magic of Finnish nature
  • Start the day with a Scandinavian breakfast
  • Explore the Finnish wilderness with a local tour guide
  • Scavenge for delicious berries and mushrooms
  • Cook and eat in a traditional Finnish Kota
  • Find the inner Finn in you with exciting outdoor activities

Looking for a shorter experience? Then drop us a line.