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Explore the Finnish Capital region and discover Finnish Food Culture with the help of food-savy locals through a customized trip experience for you and your tastebuds. Join us on the journey of hidden gems in the city and its extraordinary restaurant scene!

Not feeling hungry. That is okay. Helsinki is amazing even without food. We can also take you around the city on non-food related trips. Click here.

We Breathe Helsinki

We know the ins and outs of Helsinki better than anyone, including the best hidden gems.

Heaven For Foodies

Finnish food combines international flavors and fresh Nordic ingredients. Fusion food at its best.

The Unique North

Explore the world’s most northern metropolitan area. The city where East meets West.

Travel Made Easy

You can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience, because we take care of all your travel arrangements.


The Helsinki food scene is extraordinary, Finnish restaurants are innovators. Here chefs do not rely on traditional recipes, due to the fact Finland never really had it’s own food culture. The result is amazing fusion food: taking the best aspects of multiple cultures and fusing them together into perfect meal combinations. This is what we consider to be Finnish food. We are very proud of it and that is why we want to share it with others. Finns are notoriously known for not being outspoken, therefore, we, Masuni have taken on the task of showing visitors how spectacular Finnish food actually is!

Hi y’all. We are the three founders of Masuni. We are established restaurant and travel bloggers, who share two great passions, a love for the beautiful city of Helsinki, the city we just so happen to live in, and a die-hard foodie lifestyle!


…moved to Helsinki from Germany in 2011 and is since then in love with the city. He is a versatile entrepreneur with a passion for food and the Finnish nature. On his blog, HelsinkiIn, he writes about the best places to visit, the important facts to know and the most unique things to experience in the Capital region.


…originally from Luxembourg, but a real passionate Helsinki lover and foodie since 2010! She writes for several Helsinki-based blogs, such as her own, Luminoucity, the official Visit Helsinki Blog and cityblog Spotted by Locals. Her mission is to show visitors the Helsinki beyond traditional tourism and stereotypes. She has a background in travel and event management, travel campaigns and projects with travel bloggers.


… born and bred Helsinkian with a degree in Hospitality Management. Was review site Yelp.com’s Helsinki manager and local expert up until 2014. Aside from event management his job has been to eat and discover which has led to over 400 reviews and a bunch of extra calories going straight to his thighs. He is extremely passionate about Mexican food and quality tequila. Not to mention probably the biggest hamburger enthusiast in Northern Europe.


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